Empowering rural communities and schools with the power of Geographic Information Science and Systems.

Elijah Allan

I aim to grow professionally in a career that incorporates at least one or more of the following: Math & Science Education, Biology & Ecology, and/or Geographic Information Science. In addition, to have a career where I can apply the academic knowledge and skills obtained from my undergraduate and graduate studies to better the communities and organizations I work with.

Featured Educational Project:

Skip to 15:38 in the clip to see a project I was part of during my undergraduate at ASU, which was showcased on the PBS Horizonte Program.

BiblioTrucka was a concept mobile library which we envisioned to allow students to actively engage with technology and print resources in an effort to create global learners while connecting to the community culture of Phoenix.

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In my various years of educational and employment experience, I have learned to effectively collaborate with teammates, persevere through challenges, and further my technological skills.

I have contributed to numerous efforts of bettering communities and organizations. I am a veteran and full-time graduate student currently seeking immediate part-time or full-time employment.

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My GIS skills and specialities include: Raster Overlay Analysis, ArcGIS Online school accounts and administration of them, ArcGIS Pro 2.4, ArcGIS Online Web Map Application Development, and GIS Middle School Curriculum Development and Implementation.

I also have intro experience with R Program, ENVI, and Java Programming.

My teaching and educational skills include: science and math teaching to at risk Native American youth, implementation of GIS curriculum, understanding of math circles for youth, science fair planning and management, and mobile library concept planning development.

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My portfolio showcases various school related, professional work, and personal projects created throughout my career.

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